Summer '07 IK Preview
I Could Drop Dead at Any Moment



I've joined the Slog-Along put on by Mason Dixon Knitting. I've been thinking about this afghan a lot since preparing for the monk's arrival, and even more so since he gave me that gorgeous table. I am going to finish it, if only to prove that I can. In Stephanie's second book she talks about a 5'x8' afghan, and I laughed so much, not realizing then that years later I would have made so little progress. I really do want to work on it, so I'm going to try to do 1 row (1/2 an hour) every day. That means it will take a month to do each stripe. I should be finished in.... August 2008. I'm gonna go lie down now.


Shazmina Bendi

My head is spinning thinking about trying to start/work on/finish an Afgan (Although it looks like it will be bbeautiful!). Goodluck!!

Yarn Thing

I too have a nemesis! Finally it got finished...after 5 YEARS!



I know how boring it got working on a baby blanket - I can't imagine an afghan! But I do like those colors...

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