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April 24, 2007



thanks for playing! i had no idea you used to cook for a living. that's very impressive. i'm not a very good cook, but i'm learning!

i have a friend who used to drink literally about 5 cans of pepsi a day for several years. she refused to drink diet and didn't want to give it up. it's unbelievable that her teeth weren't brown and rotten from the amount that she would drink.

and finally, you missed a question. what kind of car would you drive?

Jenn "the Spinster"

Oops! You're right! I would drive a hybrid probably. Something small and cute. I love little cars, and those are the countries to have them! But when I travel and rent a car, I'd get a Jaguar. I'd also have a Vespa at every home, for little trips.

But in actuality, I'd prefer to be driven. Do they make hybrid limos?


oh you and i think alike :). i would LOVE to have a vespa and a hybrid car. i wouldn't mind the smart car (http://www.smartusa.com/) made by mercedes! TEENY TINY little thing that costs an arm and a leg.


Hey, You can interview me! It will give me an excuse to update the blog while I'm hanging out in NC.

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