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Bobble Hell

Bobbles. Hundreds of bobbles. Feet and feet of bobbles. Help me.

My Mom saw me knitting "Fletching" last Labor Day Weekend. She really liked the color and I asked her if she'd like something like it. She wanted something more solid, warmer, denser. So off to Knitorious I went, forced my heart to keep beating while paying for 25 balls of Lavold Cable Cotton in a color that would match her eyes, found a pattern in a stitch dictionary, and dove in. It was fun for about ... 3 balls. It was obvious that, at 6 hours per ball, this was going to take a while. The pattern is too easy and doesn't keep my interest. It's also only 10 rows long, so every time I finish one of those damn bobble rows I know I have to do it again in 9 rows. And now that it's spring, it's getting really hot to have in my lap.

I didn't have it finished by xmas. I didn't finish it for the Knitting Olympics. I didn't have it finished for my parents' vacation to Paris in March. She's talking like she expects it sometime in the fall. We can only hope. I asked her to drape it around herself so I could see how much more I had to endure finish and she kept pulling the end farther down to her knee - and the working end farther away from her shoulder. Gah! I'm not doing that again.

Have I mentioned how big this thing is already? It's about 2 feet wide and honestly I don't know how long it is at the moment. Here, take a look.


Yeah. I'm just saying.

So during my Spring Cleaning I pull out my basket-o-wips that look something like this:

What is that greyish thing? I can't remember. What is that?
It's Fletching.


So, if Mom's not expecting her wrap, does that mean I get to work on mine? I'd love to wear it to Stitches....



You're so not getting that wrap done before we go to Stitches, but I'll laugh at you while you're trying :)

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