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I blame Theraflu

I spent sooooo much money on yarn. I can only blame the cold medicine, because no one needs to spend that much money on 13 balls of Queensland Cotolino for the Sunset Wrap in Knitters Magazine. But I just love this color. When all the Dulaan stuff is finished I'm going to make this my next uninterruped project, like Clapotis was. One project and one project only from start to finish. Yep, I'm serious. I've done it before and I can do it again. I hope I have the nerve to wear something I made in public. I'll at least wear it once...to the knitting group.


Kate Lathrop

OM Gosh - that's the same one I'm going to work on once I have some WIPs completed. Isn't that just the coolest looking wrap? I bought the magazine just for that pattern.


Really? What yarn are you planning on using? I had the not-quite-brilliant idea of casting on all three pieces to ensure that the gauge would be consistent. I think my needle is 32" long - not nearly long enough. It's packed, I had to get those little nylon things to hold the 3 balls of yarn together so they wouldn't get tangled, and then it occurs to me....I have to DOUBLE the number of stitches on some rows of the pattern. So... I've cast on and that's it. I guess I'm just going to have to do the back on its own, then the front pieces.

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