Catching Up
Preen - a lesson in masochism


See that? Right there by the needle? Look really hard. Play close attention to the triangles. See how in the brown they are staggered? See how in the blue THEY ARE SO NOT staggered? Yep. That there, ladies, is 2 days worth of knitting down the drain. But, you ask, isn't it only about 3 rows? Well, if I was a decent knitter who could frog a few rows and still pick up all the stitches; or if I was a patient knitter and wanted to tink back a few rows on a 6 1/2 foot wide afghan. I am neither of those things. There was no choice but to frog back to the brown and start over with the blue. After many knitting hours spent with 1/2 a season of Alias (thank goodness for netflix!) I am now back to where I was yesterday morning.


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